Thank you for visiting. We have moved to a new website – please go to saikawalab.com.

I conduct interdisciplinary research on the environment. I have worked on diverse projects that cover: 1) atmospheric chemistry (modeling aerosols and tropospheric ozone); 2) environmental health (assessing the adverse health impacts of air pollution); 3) biogeochemistry (modeling global soil nitrous oxide emissions); 4) climate science (estimating emissions of non-CO2 greenhouse gases), and 5) environmental policy/politics (analyzing the impacts of environmental standards and trade as well as analyzing policymaking processes).

My main research questions are related to the source and the magnitude of emissions linked to air pollution, ozone depletion and global warming, as well as the impacts of these emissions on humans and on the society. I am also interested in what policy measures are available to reduce these emissions, and how politics play a role in policymaking process. My current projects are: 1) estimating past, present, and future global soil nitrous oxide emissions; 2) estimating Asian air pollutant and greenhouse gas emissions; 3) quantifying the impacts of Chinese vehicle emissions on regional air quality and health; 4) quantifying the impacts of emissions from Nepal and Bhutan on regional air quality; and 5) analyzing indoor air quality in Tibet.

Our research is currently funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF)National Aeronautics  and Space Administration (NASA), and United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Prospective post-doctoral researchers, graduate students, and undergraduates interested in joining the group – please contact me by e-mail at eri.saikawa at emory.edu

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