Group Wiki

Group wiki page can be found here

For the cluster:
What is a cluster? See here
If you are a PC user, then get PuTTY or MobaXterm
– For more information, see here
– If you are a Mac user, then open terminal

To create an account, contact Eri Saikawa.
– Jason Boss will set up a user account for you on the cluster and he will tell you the initial password
– To log in to the cluster, you will need to do the following:
1. In your terminal, type ssh
2. when you log on to the cluster for the first time, it will ask you if you want to access or not, so say yes.
3. When asked for your password, type in your initial password
4. Change password by typing “passwd”. This will lead you to changing password.
5. Set up your shell to be tcsh. Do the following:
> chsh –s /bin/tcsh
6. At your home directory, copy the .cshrc file located in /scratch/startkit by doing the following:
> cp /scratch/startkit/.cshrc .

For basic UNIX commands, read here
For basic vi commands, read here
Here is a good video on LINUX
Here is a good introductory video on Fortran
Here is a good online tutorial on IDL


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